The college experience often comes as a surprise
to almost everyone. For some, the surprise is pleasant and for many it is not
even remotely pleasant. If you have been waiting to break free and be miles away
from your home, parents and the neighborhood which you perhaps didn’t fall in
love with then the first few months of the college experience at NYU may be
exciting. However, there are many challenges on the way and the cost of higher
education is not the only bone of contention

Living in the dorms at NYU has its long list of
pros and cons. If you are a sophomore at NYU then you would be a tad lucky
because you will get better choices. If you are in the senior year then you may
still find yourself a convenient place to put up. Unfortunately, if you are in
the junior year then you are heading for a lot of challenges, most of which you
wouldn’t have any response or solution

Sample this. You are as far from your classes as
you can be and yet you are living in the dorms on campus at NYU and shelling out
two thousand odd dollars every month. And guess what, that is for a shared
bedroom. Many students pursuing higher education at NYU and in the junior year
opt for off campus housing options because of the shortcomings or the challenges
of putting up at an expensive, shared and distant

Many off campus housing options are cheaper than
staying on the campus at NYU. In some cases, you can save as much as 60% of what
you may have been paying or would be paying to live on campus in the dorms, in a
shared bedroom, with resident assistants gazing down on you and your lifestyle
being confined to the stringent policies that you have no choice but to abide

Considering the cost of higher education, the
college experience is often bogged down due to lack of cash in your wallet and
you may want to work. If you are working then the dorms can be bid adieu to or
you would be compelled to bid adieu. Spare yourself the trouble to move out and
move in to an off campus apartment, find one and move in right at the outset.
Want a decent, exciting and mildly satiating but responsible social life? Do not
even look within the campus.


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